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Saturday, 31 March 2012

(i'm standing up, i'mma face my demons. i'm mannin' up, i'mma hold my ground. i've had enough, i'm so fed up. it's time to put my life back together right now. ~EMINEM)

good night's sleep helped me feel better. :) and i found out earlier that hag from hell isn't working tonight, thank GOD. it's going to be a relatively easy night. i guess the hag realized that not many people like her and wanted the day off to cry about it. maybe not, but whatever. she needs to be gone.
my nose is stilll stuffy, but that's okay. not as bad as sneezing all the time.
it's saturday. i work. but honestly, it's money in my pocket. next week i'm working more because it's spring break. good. i guess.... more money in my pocket. i'm trying to get Easter off, or at least work an early shift so i can be home for Easter dinner. because i want to be home. i don't want to work 3-9 like i have been on Sundays.
anyways... i don't know what's going on... i mean, i do, but i feel disconnected from it. i don't know, it's weird.
so... he apologized for being an ass. i'm still not interested but if something happens, it happens. i'm not gonna wait around, though. i'm just going to live my life, and not worry about it. because the more you worry about it, the less of a chance something will happen.
i'm not in the mood for writing much today, i guess. which is weird, because normally i write a whole frigging chapter for a book, or something like that. i don't know... i'm just weird. i don't know. maybe it's girly things, maybe it's just that i'm in a funk. i just don't know.
i do know that my toes are cold. but that's off topic. :)
i'm exhausted already and i've been up for two hours (awake for two and a half). i went to bed at ten last night and got about nine hours of sleep, so i shouldn't be so tired. but i am. i guess it's because of my allergies and my body wants to shut down and heal itself. but i can't keep sleeping. i have to do stuff during the day - like work. because, if i don't, then i have no purpose in life. aside from being a sloth. i could be a sloth... i wouldn't mind if that was my sole purpose. but, then again, i kind of do mind. because that just isn't me.
i don't think i have much to write about anymore. just that i hope today is going to go by fast and be fun. because i can't stand it if it will be slow and boring. i just hope tonight won't be too bad when i work with the guy. i don't think it will be because he apologized for being an ass. so, i guess we're starting again (huh, sound familiar, doesn't it??? story of my life.... "nobody wins when everyone's losing, oh.. it's like one step forward and two steps back." sorry, random singing....). okie doke, i think i'm going to end this post before i randomly break out in song again (though it is fun to do when you have nothing better to do... )....
be creative and don't be afraid to pick yourself back up.

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