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Monday, 26 March 2012

(we only got 86,400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away. we gotta tell 'em that we love 'em while we got the chance to say. gotta live like we're dying. ~KRIS ALLEN)

^^i love this song. it's such a good one. :)
anyhow, it's monday. i get to go the the Secretary of State today to get a new liscence (I seemed to have misplaced mine somehow and can't find it....). it will take awhile because it's monday morning and everyone seems to have nothing better to do on a monday morning than sit at the Secretary of State. ... rant over.
so, i guess this week will be a week of ... exploration? i don't know if that's the word i am looking for, but let's find out, shall we? like i said yesterday, i'm starting to talk to this girl again. i hope that since we do have a better understanding of each other (no, it's not what you think.), i think it should be a little easier for us to start over. and this guy who likes me... he wants to go bowling or something this week. i don't really want to go alone because i don't want a replay of what happened friday. so, what i did was i invited (well, included) another friend of mine and her boyfriend to come with us. i don't know if that will insinuate anything, but, at least, if i need someone to intervene, then i'll have that person (thank God).
this morning was a bit colder than what we've been getting, but it's the kind of weather i'm used to for this time of year. i don't think it should be too bad, though.
i am spending too much time on facebook, getting distracted by stories. then again, i'm spending too much of my time blogging. huh. i guess it evens out a little bit, then, doesn't it? fun fun.
since today is monday, i have all week to get some work done on my book, to veg out and to spend some time to hopefully get better. because this whole feeling like my face is 2x the size it's supposed to is not working well for me. i don't like it very much. but i can get away from it a bit by writing. i like that idea. :) there aren't very many ideas that i have that i really like, let alone like at all. so that's a new one.
it's a whole new day and i hope i can make it worthwhile somehow. i do need a worthwhile day now and again, because i feel like i don't get enough of those. so, every day that is worthwhile is a gift, i feel like.
wow, today's post is all over the board. i guess it makes this more interesting. what's life without the spice of creativity to make it interesting? right.
yesterday, i went to see Dr. Seuss' the Lorax for the second time. it was just as cute and funny as it was the first time. i love that movie. i'm just saying. even my mom enjoyed the movie. i guess i would suggest it to anyone. i liked it that much. :) next movie to see will be the Hunger Games. i was supposed to see the midnight premier, but i wasn't feeling well enough to go. the other movie that i want to see that comes out this year is Breaking Dawn Pt. II. that's going to be awesome. this year in movies is totally awesome.
i couldn't wait for this year to come, just for the movies. lol.
okay, well i guess i'm going to sign off.
be creative, don't forget that any second could be your last. live that way.

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