I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

(I wanna fly like a rocket to the sky. Going up a million miles, and I'm not coming down. Won't stop till I feel the sky at my feet. My dreams on my wings, I'm flying, I'm flying high. ~THE WANTED, ROCKET)


"I'm climbing, I'm rising/I'm striking like lightning/Writing my name is skywriting/For all to see/I'll do something epic/And they won't forget it/Good enough's not good enough for me"
This song by these guys is amazing and awesome. Really and truly. It's inspirational. I feel like when I hear this song, I can do anything. Keep my head up, don't let all the drama mamas or anyone else bring me down. Rising and dreaming, never giving up.
I just love it. It makes me feel ready for anything and everything. It's my protection, my anthem, my prayer. It reminds me to never, ever give up. Which is something I tend to do often enough.
Anyways. I work from 12 to 6.30 today... I'm leaving class here in a few minutes, I just thought to pop in and write again. I'm thankful that I have a 10 hr day today, because that keeps me out of the house for awhile. I'm thinking about... well, I think I'm going to stay home tonight. I've been out every night for the past week, I'm going to stay home and relax for awhile. And tomorrow night, too, because my dad is leaving Thursday. So, I should probably stay home. Since I haven't really spent too much time with the family. Let's see, today is Tuesday. Yeah, I can spend two nights at home, for a change.
I'm so excited, because the Kids' Choice Awards are in 11 days... Well, the UK Kids Choice Awards... Which I will be watching. The US Kids Choice is in 12 days, and I'll be watching that, as well. But I am more stoked for KCAUK because The Wanted is nominated for an award. I think I'll cry if they win it, because they are so good. Well, that's my opinion of them, I don't know what anyone else thinks of them.
I think my next post (which is going to be within in a couple days) will be the lyrics to Rocket by The Wanted. It's just that amazing. Tell me, though, if you disagree. I think this is one of their very best songs, though.
I feel like my relationship with the 'rentals is a little bit better, which is good. Even though they are still stressful. I feel like it will get better with time. Nothing can really get better without time and work. But, who knows? It may be destruction, it may be rebuilt. I just don't know yet. I just hope it'll be at least be bearable.
Okay, I think I am going to sign off. Love y'all.

Monday, 11 March 2013

(Please come now, I think I'm falling. I'm holding to all I think is safe. It seems I found the road to nowhere and I'm trying to escape. I yelled back when I heard thunder. But I'm down to one last breath. ~CREED)

I'm writing from Panera... And I'm switching pages quickly, there's voting going on for the UK KCA's... And a whole fandom is voting for The Wanted... So, I'm not sure how long this post will be, seeing as to I'm tweet voting... and writing a post... and voting for The Wanted. UNG! This is going to be soo hard. Oh, well, I can do this.

L to R: Jay McGuiness, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker

Despite the fact that I am a huge fangirl of these amazing lads, part of their fandom (TWFanmily, thank you for asking), I do listen to other music (obviously, otherwise my title would be something by The Wanted.).

I keep switching so I can get a tweet in... which means it's a vote... And I hope that they get the Award, because... well, they deserve it. And they are better than One Direction, at any rate.

That's my thought. Okay... Done fangirling for now.

I haven't moved out yet, but I've been hanging out at Ashley's house every night for the better part of a week. I still sleep at my parents' place, still eat their food, still pay them rent and all. But I don't use their space 24/7. It's so weird, because I'm never there anymore. Between work, school, going to ashley's house and the like... I am hardly ever home anymore. Ever.... I mean, yeah, I spend time there, but at least half my time is spend outside the house. And I kind of need that time away from them. Just my opinion.

It's healthier for me to get away, though, because I need the space and all. Plus, they can't get stressed if I do all my shit and am never home. Between having a social life, going to work and going to school, I usually am only home long enough to eat dinner and do my homework. So, that's that. I really can't do anything outside of that because ... I'm not home to do anything. So, guess what? They can't be mad.

alright, this is short, just like i said, but I'm going....