I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Monday, 27 February 2012

okay, I'm not doing a song today, but I am promoting my facebook page. which is something i wouldn't do otherwise (ahem... something I wouldn't do if it were someone else's page). So, check it out!!! and hit "like"!!!! :D please and thank you!

Monday, 20 February 2012

L()VE THIS S()NG! totally awesome! lol. and the video is totally epic. :D
anyways, my birthday was good. my party friday night was better than i'd expected. i ordered more pizza than neccessary, but better than getting not enough, i think. a few people stayed till almost one in the morning. way awesome. tryin'a have another get together next month with pretty much the same friends. :D should be a great time. at least, i hope so. right?
well, i don't feel any different, now that i am 20 (gasp!!!). but i think that may change as this year goes on, however. i guess only time will tell (i don't like it when people say those kinds of things, becase it gets kind of annoying, but whatever).
anyhoooooo....... i'm writing here because i can't think of anything cool to write. because i'm just not that cool at the moment. so, i'm just busting out here.
i guess i am going to go, though. i do have some other stuff to do today, aside from spilling my guts out on the computer. BLAH!
be creative.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

okay, so valentine's day was yesterday and i went to the movies with my friend. we went to see the "titanic" originally but.... yeah. we saw "the woman in black" instead. i didn't stop mumbling "omigod" through the scary parts. which was through most of the movie. so there'd be steady streams of me saying "omigawd" for about five minutes, my hands covering my face. insanely scary but a must see if you like horror.
anyhow, a break in festivities and tomorrow is my birthday. my mommy is making me crepes (yummy french dessert. kinda like pancakes but different) before she goes to work, i hope. and friday is my birthday party with my friends. my mom is making me a galette des rois for me and my friends. i know it isn't the Epiphany, but hey! i like me my cake. i'm gonna be soooo happy. :D
anyhow, i'm so excited for this week, whereas two weeks ago, i was all "i don't want to be twenty yet." but now that my birthday is very nearly here, i can't wait.
i am trying to make a weekend with my friend, laura, so we can do a movie marathon. we are gonna rent several movies and just watch movies all weekend. but it's gotta be when we both have the time and whatnot. maybe during the summer. but i have no idea. it's as maybe for now.
i can't believe how fast this week is going. i mean, it's already wednesday. it feels like it should've been only like two hours ago that i got off Zumba an hour after i went to work and taking my brother home from tennis. but that was monday. and wednesday is, for me, about ten hours from being over.
and tomorrow is gonna go by faster because it's my birthday. i am just..... i don't know. i can't help but feel like this week should go by slower. but time won't slow down. not for anything.

be creative and be fun.