I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Monday, 20 February 2012

L()VE THIS S()NG! totally awesome! lol. and the video is totally epic. :D
anyways, my birthday was good. my party friday night was better than i'd expected. i ordered more pizza than neccessary, but better than getting not enough, i think. a few people stayed till almost one in the morning. way awesome. tryin'a have another get together next month with pretty much the same friends. :D should be a great time. at least, i hope so. right?
well, i don't feel any different, now that i am 20 (gasp!!!). but i think that may change as this year goes on, however. i guess only time will tell (i don't like it when people say those kinds of things, becase it gets kind of annoying, but whatever).
anyhoooooo....... i'm writing here because i can't think of anything cool to write. because i'm just not that cool at the moment. so, i'm just busting out here.
i guess i am going to go, though. i do have some other stuff to do today, aside from spilling my guts out on the computer. BLAH!
be creative.

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