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Friday, 30 March 2012

(the sun goes down, the stars come out. and all i count is here and now. my universe will never be the same. ~THE WANTED)

WELL... i saw Mirror Mirror this evening and it was totally awesome. i loved it. it was funny and cute. "you taste like strawberries. how do you do it?" (<---random quoting... obviously).
it's been a long day. i was at my grandma's house all morning. i went to give money to Helene. i went with my grandma to get her tax returns done. i went to drop off my dad's expenses. i went to the movies. i helped with dinner. i did a lot of stuff, so i guess it's suffice to say that i am exhausted. i'm just going to finish this post before i sign off.
anyways, my dad was home all week (ugh! way too much!!!) and we've (or, at least, i have) felt the stress spread in the house like a poisonous gas. i am happy he's gone for the week next week. but, for my mom, to have him home is awesome. 'specially since he won't be home for her birthday.
it was grey and rainy (and it hailed a few times today), and it was COLD (still is... colder now though...)!!!!!! i don't mind the rain, but when it's, like, ten degrees above freezing, it's terrible! it makes it so gross. plus, there wasn't any sun, so it didn't even look at least happy out. i can't wait until sunday when it's going to be in the sixties. the sixties!! mhmm, yus. that is going to be totally wonderful. wonderful...
i was going to say something, but for the life of me, i can't remember what it was. what was it? oh, well... it'll come back to me, it always does.
i took, like, twenty minutes (if not more) earlier on a site called firstcovers.com. it has covers (if you have the timeline thing on facebook, you know what it is. if you don't, it's kind of self-explanitory. it timelines everything that you've done, from most recent till the first day you joined - and includes the year you were born - on facebook. it's kind of cool, actually.) for my facebook page... er, timeline. right. that thing. and i found some pretty cool covers. at least, i thought they were cool.
it's close to ten o'clock and i'm falling asleep at the keys. like i said, i'm pretty beat. not only that, my nose is stuffy (i just sniffled and my dad gave me this look, like, what the fuck?). okay, really, how about you live with a continually stuffy and runny nose? my dad would have a fit if he did. but he doesn't get it. he can sniffle all he wants when he has a stuffy nose, but God forbid that anyone else does it in front of him. yeesh.
.... done ranting. even though it woke me up for just a second...
... and now i'm falling asleep again. whatever.
i hate this time of night when there isn't anything to do. you're transitioning from that time when you're awake and doing something to about ready for bed and during that transition, there isn't much of anything at all. you can't do anything because you are about ready to get up to go to bed, but you need to do something (i know, if i want to do something, i should just go to bed, since i'm so tired.). it's so annoying. it's like, well, i'm transitioning to the point of actually getting up to go to bed, but i'm not there yet. whatever. but i am doing something during that transition. i'm here... so i can't really hate it right now, can i? i guess not.
Helene is at her most recent ex's house (don't ask me why, she just is.), Luke (my brother) is probably up in his room, my dad is getting ready for bed. my mom is somewhere in the house, reading a book on her iPad. and i'm here, blogging. like i said. typing my life away.
my dog was sitting at my feet just a couple of minutes ago, keeping them warm. but she got up and walked away. dumb dog. she should know better than to walk away when she's keeping my feet warm. but there may have been something better in the house than me. that only makes sense.
okay, i have this list of movies that i've seen this year and movies that i still need to see. ones in theatres, that is... here it is (i'll write whether i've seen it or not and what i thought about it):
-The Lorax: seen it. really cute movie. though it wasn't on my original list of movies to see, it was worth going to see it.
-Mirror Mirror: not on my list either, but it was cute and funny. Julia Roberts was really good as the evil stepmother. i wouldn't mind seeing it again if the offer was given.
-The Hunger Games: YES! one of the two movies originally on my must see movies for this year. and it was epic. i want to see it again. i would totally see it again and again and again.
-Titanic 3D: i was supposed to see it Valentines Day, but i was waiting for Laura and ended up missing it... it was a pre-screening. but whatever. i'll see it after it comes out next week.
-The Woman in Black: i didn't think i wanted to see it, but it was good. scary, suspenseful. nearly wet myself a few times during the movie. but still. i liked it.
-21 Jump Street: only because Channing Tatum (Dear Johns actor, if you aren't familiar) is in it. i haven't seen it yet, but i heard it was good.
-The Vow: yep, i've seen it. mom wanted to see it and she dragged me along... it was cute and nice and i enjoyed it. totally a chick/couple flick. i wouldn't mind seeing it again.
-Breaking Dawn: Part II: only because i've read the books and seen the first four movies. i want to finish the series finally. i hope it'll be as good as the first ones, if not better (it won't come out until November, but I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!).
and that's that. all the movies that i've seen so far or that i want to see. there might be more as the year goes on, but right now, that is the most current list.
and i'm exhausted, so i am off to bed. i'm off to my date with my pillow.
be creative and be yourself.

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