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Saturday, 17 March 2012

(i wanna push you around ~matchbox 20)

it's been a long couple of days. i had pink eye (yuck yuck YUCK!!!!!) and i've been running around for everyone else but myself. fun shit. and i went out last night with a couple of friends. i had fun. we walked around downtown and had dinner at subway and went to Meijer's. i got some stuff to help with my eye infection and they got stuff for st. patrick's day. fun fun.
anyhow, the drama continues, it seems. my ex-friend got herself in the middle of a fight that my sister and i were having (since i mentioned it, i should probably have said it wasn't her place to be getting into anything). she was over and they were going to a dance (wow, my sister chose her over me), and they went to go see my mom at work so they could show her what they were wearing when i dropped off my mom's car, so that she could have a way home. so, that was the reason why i wanted to go out last night. i'm not an ass, i'm not offended, i just need my space. and if she thinks she can encroach by hanging out with my sister and fighting with me, etc., then i don't know why she's trying. i'm done with her bull.
if she thinks she can still push me around and bitch at me for shit, then she's got her head in the clouds. really...
anyways, done and over with that. i'm gonna put that in the past where it's supposed to be.
work all weekend. then the whole week off. i'm trying to have another get together on friday (yesterday was a flop). i hope it's going to be fun. i mean, when i had it last month it was pretty fun. so, i'm hoping that pretty much the same people will be over and chilling and making another memorable night.
my dad is out of town all week, my mom is generally a laid back person about a handful of things. this coming week will be relatively easy-peasy. i'll be working on my book, i'll be hanging with friends, i'll be doing my own thing. i really hope that this coming week will be better than the past month, because i am really getting sick of all that's been going on recently. well, it's only been as good or bad as i've made it (with the help of other people). but this next week will (hopefully) be so much better. i will make it better, better than the past month.
the one cloud that might dampen the next week will probably be... pretty much nothing. i mean, unless my ex-friend wants to fuck something up again. but i won't let her. this is my life and if someone has something against it, they can flake off.
i'm ranting and i really don't want to.
okay, done ranting.
i am feeling real good about today and tomorrow, despite the fact that i have to work, despite that today and tomorrow, we have free fries. lately, saturdays and sundays have become the bane of my existance. i've been working with really good crew and awesome managers. lately, i've been enjoying going to work. something that is entirely new, because usually i hate going to work. but, sometimes, things change. i need to leave fast food, but for right now, it's not so bad.

okay, y'all....
keep being amazing.

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