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Saturday, 24 March 2012

(it's not the human walk, it's the human race. if you're living on the edge, you're taking too much space. ~~Nickelback)

^^ exactly what the title says, homies!!!
anyhow, i know it's rare that i post two days in a row, and today's the first time i've blogged twice in one day (i don't think you'll EVER catch me doing that again... EVER.). but i guess i felt the need to. because today seemed to have gone on for ... years.
i worked with hag from h*ll tonight (not fun, by the way. do you know how hard it is to work with a hag???)... and that guy from my last two posts. i did my best to not interact with him, and pretty much did just fine. it wasn't until the end of the night that i said anything to him. i went back to get milkshakes after getting my brother and i made our shakes [because hag from h*ll was "too busy" (too lazy) to make them for us.]. and he was in the back, working like the good crew he was. and he waved. just to be nice, i waved back. but, like i said, i'm keeping my space because i don't want to get hurt or anything of the like. that ain't my style.
anyways, i think that tomorrow is going to be better. going to get a lot of r&r because of my d*mn allergies and (hopefully) start feeling better on monday. because i'll need all the energy i can get. it took everything that i had (which, now that i consider it, isn't a lot because of 1) the dang drama and 2) my face has been brutally raped by allergies) to not quit tonight because of the hag.
anyways, apparently my dad got pissed because my room wasn't clean (okay, i had stuff on the floor, but that's something i could pick up in less than five minutes). okay, well, i'm 20 years old and the last thing on my mind is cleaning my room (yes, because of all the other frigging drama in my life.). i don't think about it. i feel like there's always something else on my mind and cleaning my room isn't neccessarily the first thing that comes to my mind on a saturday night after work. all i want to do (especially right now) is veg and NOT do anything whatsoever (though, i had all week to keep it clean and didn't.... oops.).
anyways, i'm falling asleep at the keys and i don't think i can stay up that much longer. i'm going to finish off here and change and fall into bed. because today isn't my day, i'm going to ... i don't know what i'm going to do, but totally getting a good night's sleep is high on my priority list, thanks for asking. and really, now it feels like i'm just spewing crap onto your computer screen (crap, scam, what's the difference, really?).
be creative, be fun, be wonderful, stay on the right path. don't take too much space because you'r living on the edge. "it's not the human walk, it's the human race."

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