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Monday, 2 April 2012

(on my knees, i'll ask/last chance for one last dance/'cause with you/i'd withstand/all of hell to hold your hand./i'd give it all/i'd give for us/give anything but i won't give up. ~~NICKELBACK)

alrighty.... two days since i posted last. a ton of stuff.... kind of.
yesterday i worked with... you guess it. that hag. she worked a day shift, for once. and when our times were high for drive thru (we have a timer in the kitchen that times how long it takes us to get the orders out. each should take less than 2 1/2 minutes.), she blamed it on me (i was at the first window, collecting) when it wasn't my fault. it was her kitchen crew's fault and her front line's fault that her times were sky high. not mine. i was doing my job like i was supposed to. most of the time, people were waiting on her front line to hand out the damn food. and i couldn't help it when they cleared two orders and (GASP!!!) i had to collect. so, i don't know why she got sooooo pissed off at me. she has soemthing against me, and honestly, it's getting old.
i ended up working until close last night, or just about 'till. so i worked ten hour shift. it's extra cash in my pocket. aaannnd there was a customer in the drive thru that the guy and i agreed on... as in we both thought she was hot (hey! come now, no hating. i go both ways.). she was blond and she was pretty. what can i say? :) and i worked with jesse (only the best manager at burger king.). i had food (not much, which was weird because i hadn't eaten much all day.) around ten thirty and i couldn't eat it all. whatever. and i downed 1 1/2 monsters and i was just about bouncing off the walls. it was fairly hilarious. on top of that, i was craving chocolate all night and i asked him (the guy with the drama) if he could make me a chocolate cake. yup. i did.
today... today. i went to the oakland mall with my mom and Luke and our cousins, Jon and Dan. the boys went to a video game cafe thing while mom and i got mani's and had lunch. it was kind of fun, actually. i don't know why.
and tonight, Luke and i had dinner at my grandma's house. we had spaghetti and meatballs. it was delicious, even if the noodles needed less butter. whatever. it was warm food in my stomach and i can't complain too much. plus, i had three square meals for once. in the past two weeks, i think there were about four days where i did have three meals in one day. which is kind of weird. i don't know. i'm just crazy, i guess.
tomorrow i was supposed to hang out with Rose, a good friend from high school. but her sister needs her to babysit (i guess her sister is too lazy to watch her own kids... what?). it seems like every time we try to make plans, they get ruined by something. friday it was because her sister wasn't home in time go hang out. i don't know. that's what it feels like, anyhow.
right now, the guy that i work with and i (his name is steven... i'm tired of having to not say his name) are debating the sexiness/hotness of movie star girls... it's funny. the first girl we didn't agree on. the second girl... he hasn't responed yet, but whatever. i don't care. it's just gonna be a running thing between us now, i guess, debating how hot or pretty (or or or....) a girl is.
i don't care what people think any more. it's who i am. and if people don't like it, then it's their problem. i like guys and girls equally. that's just who i am. and if you have a problem with who i like, stop reading. it's as easy as that.
alright, i think i'm signing off....
be creative and be yourself.

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