I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Friday, 27 April 2012

(i threw a wish in the well. don't ask me, i'll never tell. i looked at you as it fell, and now you're in my way. i trade my soul for a wish, pennies and dimes for a kiss. i wasn't looking for this, but now you're in my way. ~CARLY RAE JEPSEN)

okie dokie.... i'm house-sitting for my cousin, renee, and her husband. they live in birmingham... and yesterday and today, i had to be out of the house by twenty after six to be at work on time. .... it was horrible. out of bed by quarter to six (wow, typed something else, and almost left it.) both mornings. now i am exhausted.
anyways, they have a 200 pound dog, two cats and a tank full of fish. so it's not like i can't be here. the dog (Great Dane...... holy cow, that dog could knock me flat on my back if i looked at him wrong.) eats a lot of food. like two to three times more (at least) more than my dog. my dog, who is 45 pounds. i mean, really. who needs a 200 pound dog? not me, really.
anyhow, i got more than 60 hours the past two weeks and i am really happy because that means more money. yes!!! i need it.
anyways, funny story. yesterday, i was driving to the grocery story. i was going through a subdivision, going 40 through a 25mile an hour zone and i blew past a sheriff. i wasn't wearing a seat belt (glad i'd put it on), i was speeding (had slowed down), but what did i get a ticket for? expired plates. like, really? of all the things i was doing wrong, i get a ticket for the least obvious thing. but looking at it with the perspective that i could've gotten fined for not seatbelt or speeding (or worse, points on the record), i only got a fix-it ticket, and it's not so bad. honestly, this way i won't get a fine, won't go to jail... nothing. just have to go to court monday to show them that i got my registration taken care of. it's all good. so, honestly... not as bad as it could be.
i'm not talking to steven much, which is weird. i don't know why. lately i've been pulling away from him. him and a couple other people. but talking more to different people. which is totally weird. like, this is not something that i do. i am not talking to him or laura, but talking to other people, like this friend whom i haven't seen in years. really? i don't know why that is. but i guess.... i need to expand and try to include more people in my life is what it is. i don't know. i guess i feel like i talk to the same people all the time and need to talk to different people. so, therefore, i try to find other people to talk to and distance myself form the people i talk to on a regular basis. fun.
okay, i realize that this is short, and i realize it's only 8pm... but i am way tired, and i am going to sleep for the next 12 hours. much love, people!!! <3


  1. Charlotte, I love how you are in your blog... you are just so honest and real. That is why I enjoy reading what you write, keep blogging whenever you get inspired to do so. Have an awesome weekend:)

  2. Thank you. :) This is pretty much the only place I feel like I can truly be myself.