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Saturday, 28 April 2012

(it's alright, i survived, i'm alive again. [...] what's the use if you're killing time? ~JESSE McCARTNEY)

^^i was thirteen when that song first came out... completely forgotten song until recently. i loved it then, and i love it now. it's totally an awesome song (Because You Live). wow, it's been a long time since i've heard this song. like, years.
anyways, i got about twelve hours of sleep. well deserved, if you ask me. i was exhausted last night... to the point where i couldn't keep my eyes open. my schedule was kind of brutal. but i'm back in rochester next week, for good. well, until i am asked to house-sit again. but i don't mind. it's a nice place and there are animals and everything. the dog is growing on me. i might have to take him home. but he is the biggest cry baby. i left him outside too long this morning, and he was sitting outside the door, whining like a puppy because i'd left him outside. he wanted to make sure that i didn't forget about him. i didn't. how could i? he was making so much noise.
oh well. lol.
i might be going to the mall later. i'm going to have to stop by the house (i'm in rochester at the moment) and let the dog out, make sure he has water and whatnot, before i do. because i am just that awesome. laura and my sister are going and helene (my sister) has to work. i have to get new shoes for work because the ones i have are starting to get old and giving me problems. i've only had them for a few months, but the heels are worn almost to the sole of the shoe and i need better support.
i have to go to the court monday and clear my ticket. it's been signed, got the registration and plates renewed... just have to get cleared. and i won't get a fine!! yes... i can't afford a fine. not right now. not when i just started going full time. i need that money for insurance, for gas, for paying the 'rentals back. you know, all that good stuff. i'm lucky i hadn't gotten a ticket for speeding and/or no seatbelt. that would have been brutal. i'm happy it was just the plates. i'm sooooo happy it was just that. i wouldn't've been able to afford anything else. that, and i'm lucky i can get it cleared. phew. no sweat. i think...
anyways. i don't know. the schedule isn't up for next week yet. i can't wait for it. the CARNIVAL starts may 3rd and it's going to be funfunfun!!! all the carnies and all the extra business we're going to get is going to be wonderful! it's going to be epic. it's going to be amazing. lol. sorry, i'm just that excited for it. i can't wait. obviously. i mean..... really, i can't wait.
i am also thanking my lucky stars that i'm not working with bitchtina anymore, either. it's been a bit easier because i don't have to worry about her bitching at me, or her being high as a kite on second and being a total bitch the next. the only downside to that is......... i work with sue's 'pet', jules. who is anal about everything. every. thing. like, "stock your fridge" or "stock your cups" or "do a sweep" or, or, or..... just shup up, bitch. i know how to do my job, i've been here a year and a half. it's not like i just started this week. hell, no. i've been there for 16 months on the fifth of may. like, really? don't treat me like i'm new. thank you and have a damn nice day.
i think i'm done for today. :)
have a wonderful day, and an amazing weekend. love you all!!
<3 <3 <3 <3


  1. I love how real you are, how honest and open. Don't change for anyone, it is what makes you special. Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Thanks, lettersfromlaunna. :) I appreciate it.

  3. Charlotte, I chose you for a blogger award:)