I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

(i got a good old friend here with me tonight and i guess i'm doing alright. well, i guess i'm doing alright. ~JO DEE MESSINA)

my goodness, i haven't heard that song in such a long time (Jo Dee Messina's I'm Alright). but it's a good song. that's all that matters.
i worked yesterday and i ended up staying an hour and a half late. from the time i walked in to the time i left, we didn't stop. constant stream of customers, pretty much non-stop. but what can i say? it's spring break, and there are a huge amount of coupons that we've been getting all week. on top of that, i got strawberry shake flavor (we hand spin our shakes... fun fun.) down my pant leg, chocolate flavor from my wrist up to my shirt sleeve and shake mix down my leg. by the time i got home, i was hot, sweaty and sticky. i took a long, hot shower and braided my hair. and finally went to bed.
so, apparently, i can't do anything right. i don't know. my mom was mad about how the house wasn't clean like she thinks it's supposed to (uh, perfect... right.). okay, sorry, i worked all afternoon. it wasn't like i wasn't doing anything at all yesterday. i was working my ass of all afternoon, making minimum wage. plus, i'm trying to get another job, so it's like... i'm not lazy, i'm just trying to do a massive amount of things with the small amount of time that i have. whatever.
anyhow... i'm hoping to go out tomorrow with a good friend. :-) finally. we've been trying to hang out for a couple weeks already and every time, something's come up so that we couldn't. but tomorrow afternoon, we're hopefully going to be hanging out. i hope it'll be fun. i mean... i haven't seen her in God knows how long, so it'd be nice to see her again. so... yeah.
last night, steven and i hardly talked since he walked in at seven until i left at ten thirty. it was because the hag was working and we didn't want to give her any ideas that we're together. everyone else thinks we're going out, but it's to the point where i don't give a shit about what the crew thinks. i just don't want the hag to be giving me shit about what she thinks is going on between me and a closer. it's just ridiculous. it's my personal life and everyone thinks it's okay to talk about me and another crew member (as far as i know, it's not breaking any rules, so why give a shit to begin with???). i just think that we're friends and we know that, and whatever other people think doesn't matter. because we know the truth and that's that.
what was i going to write? i was going to write something else, but i don't remember. i don't like it when that happens. oh, well. it happens to everyone.
i feel like i can only be real to people i don't know and to my close friends. because, on here, people get to know me, but i don't get to know other people. don't get me wrong, i don't mind, because i guess i get a different perspective when i'm writing here than i do when i'm talking to my friends. but what i mean is that i feel more real when i'm here blogging or talking to friends that i can be at home or at work. i feel like i hide stuff more often. fine, blood is thicker than water. but frienship is thicker than both. at least, to me. that's how i feel. because no matter how angry or how upset or how much i mess up, my friends will always love me. they won't ever stay mad at me.
"a friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight and walks beside you in the shadows." ~anonymous
and i totally agree with that. i don't think i can say much of the same for my family. or... my parents, more like. and i dont' get why they can't do that. my friends can and do. but my parents seem to have their own agenda about that. whatever. i have my friends and my friends have my back. so it's all good.
anyhow, i have to go. mom wants lunch and i get to go get it for her...
be creative and be yourself. no matter what.


  1. I love your idea of having a bit of song to start out your blog, that's pretty original. I like your blog :)

  2. thanks. :) actually, i just did it once, and didn't think i'd do it again. but i keep doing it. music is part of my every day life. i listen to music all the time, i'll occassionaly sit at the piano and play. sometimes it goes with what i have to say, sometimes it has nothing to do with my post. but it makes it more interesting. :) and thank youl