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Thursday, 12 April 2012

(...asking about a scar, and i know i gave it to you months ago. i know you're tryin' to forget. but between the drinks, the sutle things, and the holes in my apologies, i'm trying to take it back. ~Fun.)

i can't believe myself. i surprise myself sometimes. but sometimes it's totally worth it. :) like right now. it is totally worth it. i think. anyhow, i did think about it and i decided. i want to be with steven. maybe this way it will be easier for me to figure out what i want from him. so, i am happier and he might be happier, too.
but, anyhow... beside the point. today, helene and i went to dairy queen and had blizzards. funness. and i spent a good part of the day at my grandma's house. i'm gonna be home for a little bit, hopefully. i'm laying on the floor and typing away in front of the television. time to chill. for right now, anyhow.
mom is getting another "big girl" job. so tonight she's meeting a few co-workers at Miguel's Cantina, which is one of my most favorite eateries. ever. anyhow, beside the point. she won't be home for a couple hours. though, she isn't home. she hasn't been home since ten to nine this morning. so... yeah.
i think i should try to find something to write about, because right now... i have nothing to write about.
i need to see steven tonight, because i want to see him. and maybe this time... things will be different, because this time, i know what i want. for now. i want to see where this goes. because something good might come out of this, for once.
my dog is so silly. i started to pet her a moment ago, and she keeps nuzzling my arm every time i've tried to type so far. well, this time she let me go. but her head is on my leg and she's cuddling up.... and she just got up because my sister walked into the room. but she's sitting next to me, like she doesn't want to quite leave me. she's so cute.
anyways, Laura got a reward for German. she's a good student. so, i'm happy for her. la di da.
i have to go, i gotta go get some jeans on or something. because i might be going out and i have to take mom to the cantina. i am in such a very good mood. lol. i want to dance around and laugh and sing. SING!!! haha.
i do that every post. :)
okay, well, i am going to get dressed now. i love you guys and have a nice evening.

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