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Sunday, 13 May 2012

(staring out at the rain with a heavy heart. it's the end of the world in my mind. then your voice pulls me back like a wake-up call. ~JESSE McCARTNEY)

okie doke, guys, i'mma have a guest blogger on relatively soon. :) hopefully we don't post at the same time. although, it'd be kind of cool, not going to lie.
oh, the wonderful joys of life. i worked last night and felt like i was walking on sunshine the whole night. it was great. only because i had gone to the carnival during the day and saw my carnie. and i talked to him last night. but today is their last day here. they're tearing down tonight and leaving tonight. i guess i'm going to have to keep it together long enough to go and enjoy it. but, with everyone there who's pretty damn cool, i don't know how that's going to work. i guess i'll have to go and see what happens. if i do happen to start crying, i'll go to my car and take a chill pill. i'm going to have to say good-bye, though. and hopefully see them at a different spot. hopefully. i don't know if it's going to happen, if it's going to happen. i'll figure it out.
but it already feels like they're gone, even though i know they aren't . the carnival is still set up, there are carnies getting the carnival set up. it's going to be a beautiful day... well, i don't know about beautiful, but better than yesterday, and that's all i can ask for right now. just a chance to say good-bye. and maybe collect a couple more numbers. haha, not really. i'm not that much of a dork. okay, i guess i am, but who's to say dorks aren't going to take over the world? but that's for a different post, and i won't get into that here.
but what i will get into here is how much i'm going to miss my carnies. i'll be looking out burger king for the next week, thinking WTF? because there is no carnival out in the parking lot. and that alone is a depressing thought. i don't even have to start the next week to know that it's going to be depressing. though, i will be calling Peanut a couple times a week. maybe. if that. and i've been kind of in a dazy today, anyhow. just the whole, ohmygoodness, i've gotten to know carnies and now they're leaving thing. but that's their job. going from spot to spot. even if it's not fair. i'll live.
okay, well, i have to go. it's time to go to church. have a wonderful day, guys, and i'll blog about the last carnival day tomorrow morning...

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