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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

(i threw a wish in the well. don't ask me, i'll never tell. i looked to you as it fell. and now, you're in my way. i'd trade my soul for a wish. pennies and dimes for a kiss. i wasn't looking for this. but now you're in my way. ~CARLY RAE JEPSEN)

i'm way too happy for my own good. this is great. i'm going out to st. claire shores tonight after work. i'm going to see my carnies. i get to see Peanut. :) i'm way too happy for this, but what can i say? i slept better last night because i knew it won't be long until i see him. and i will sleep great because i'll be with Peanut for awhile. tonight will be amazing. plus, it can't hurt that my bff is coming with me.
oh my God, i can't wait for tonight. :) i've been so super excited and happy about this since five last night, when i talked to Lindsey. nobody but my dog was home last night with me and i was talking to her (like she's not a dog. please tell me that's not weird.) and she was looking at me like i was .... insane, pretty much. but i couldn't help it. i was happy. i was ... i don't even know how to put it into words. but, this is pretty much intense. not once in my life did i ever think that this would happen. now that it IS happening, i'm pretty much too excited to eat or type (though, i wasn't too excited to sleep. and what does that tell you?)
God. sometimes i wonder if i am crazy. i'm going to work today and people will be able to just tell that something is going right right now. i don't know, i'm just insanely crazily happy for this. nobody gets it. but whatever. i'll just keep it to myself until tomorrow, when i know i won't be able to contain it. right now, i'll be able to for work (just barely, i know. but still...).
okay, i realize that i went from really sad and upset to intensely happy in the matter of two days, but what can i say? it isn't all lost. and this is something that could go right for once. i'm just too damn excited for it right now.
i'll be on tomorrow to talk about this. i'm too keyed up and too intensely happy right now.
love ya!

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  1. Charly, have a fantastic time, blog about it when you come back. I can't wait to hear how much fun you had:)