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Monday, 21 May 2012

(i am a wild one, break me in. saddle me up and let's begin. i am a wild one, tame me now. running with wolves and i'm on the prowl. ~SIA)

okay, okay, not the cleanest song to use as a title. but i had to get something new. i've been re-using a couple songs. so... yeah.
but... anyways. i feel so insufficient. i only have 30 hours this week (if i don't get breaks) and he has 85 hours. and i know if i'm complaining about it, i should change it. but right now, i don't know. i'm starting to get my life together. but maybe i should get another job. that would make sense (cents? haha).
oh. my. god. i can't stop thinking about the guy. i know, i know. i just met the guy friday. but, i mean. how can i not? he's hot as hell. and a gentleman. and he's on the right path. shit. he's so damn perfect. i don't know what it is. he doesn't think he is... well, attractive in any way. but i've told him enough since friday that i guess he's starting to believe it.
okay, well. i need to stop obssessing for a moment.
i had to work this morning.  8 to 4, and no break. fun, fun. not. whatever, it wasn't so bad. not really. but i was kind of in a funk. my head was hours in the past (still on saturday night/yesterday morning... for obvious reasons.). but still, not too bad of a day, i guess. i got paid, too, so really, that just made the day so much better.
okay, well, the boy (well, man...) doesn't get off of work for about another two and a half hours. and i need to pass the time by doing ... well, something. and i don't know what to do. BLAH. blah, blah, blah. i could shower and go home to read. or write. or .... eat dinner. ionno. whatever.
okay, well, i'm going to go kill time until my baby gets off work (once again, benefits of having a boyfriend WITHOUT having a boyfriend. pssh... whatever.).
have a good week, friends!!!

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  1. Enjoy your night Charly, have lots of fun:) I sometimes wish I could go back to that time and just have fun!