I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

(oh, written in the stars/a million miles away/a message to the main/oh, seasons come and go/but i will never change/and i'm on my way. ~ERIC TURNER)

okay, sooo....
i don't know. i'm over the one guy. finally. i finally got pissed off at him the other night and bitched (beg my French...) at him about being the asshole that he is. whatever. i'm just done. i'm not changing for anyone.
i've also started talking to someone whom i haven't talked to in months. he found me on facebook and we started talking again... we swapped numbers and have been talking since wednesday. it's nice to catch up.
so. some creepy shit is going down at my local kroger. this forty-something cashier (who thinks i'm a lesbian and i have no intention of changing that any time soon) keeps hitting on me every time i go in. because a forty-something guy hitting on a 20 year old lesbian totally isn't creepy at all. right. don't get me wrong, the guy is kind of decent looking for his age. but he's at least twice my age. and it won't work out. i mean, come on. plus, he's like an old cat lady. he's lonely and has, like, three cats. dood, what are you doing with your life? psh. whatever.
anyhow, i haven't seen the guy i like who works at kroger in who knows how long. :/ i hope he didn't quit or get fired or whatever. that'd be kinda sad.
anyways. my car needs a new transmission... won't be ready until tuesday. $1,850 later, and hopefully my car will run just fine. YAY! i'm so dang excited.
anyhow, sunday is the Roland-Garros (French Open) finals. Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic. it's going to be a great final. Djokovic beat Nadal in the last open they played. hopefully Nadal gets his win here. i'm soooooo excited. lol...
anyhow, sooo... i worked today and got sent home a half hour early... i work again tomorrow from 9 am to to 2 pm. and then i only work to days next week. like, how am i going to pay off my new transmission with that kind of money? i can't, dipshits, so give me some damn hours!!!! what the hell. whatever. i'll live, i hope.
anyhow... well... i don't know. i'm just tired and ready for bed. but not for another little while, at least. right? whatever. i'll live. i have to go home (went to my gma's after work...) and get some stuff done, hopefully go up to the swim club (after i shower) and chill. it's gonna be an awesome (not) night.
okay.... i'm out of here. <3


  1. Oh Charly, that guy is beyond sick~a forty year old guy thinking he could have a 20 year old girl... not... He needs to grow up. Tell the weirdo guy that I told him to stay away from my Charly... :)

    I 'dated' guys half my age when I was in my mid 40's but those boys pursued me, lol. I never pursued any man in my life.

    I'm passionately in love with my David and I didn't pursue him, he went after me:)

    I will hope you get some extra hours or a better job Charly, you deserve the best and thanks for the smile I got while reading your blog;)

    1. Of course he needs to stay away from me! It's just wrong. And I'll tell him, Launna.
      And you are very welcome. (-: I try to be myself and sometimes ... It's like this.