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Monday, 25 June 2012

(everyone here knows everyone here is thinkin' 'bout somebody else. ~MATCHBOX TWENTY)

last night was probably one of the most rough nights to work, despite it being MY night crew. one of the kindest, most amazing and sweetest guys had put in his two weeks about two weekd ago, and it nearly brought us all to tears. my face is drying from the myraid of tears i cried on the way to my grandma's house this morning. anyhow, Chris G. walked in last night and was chillin' in the back for a minute and talked to Marino and James, who, obviously, found out first. and then Chris walked up front to where i was and said, "you're gonna miss me, right?" and i asked him what he was talking about and he said that he'd quit. i about had a fit before it hit me.... Chris quit. we were chillin' out by the dumpster for about ten minutes, the three of us in our uniforms and Chris in is street clothes... it was so sad that i thought Marino and James WERE going to cry.... it was so quiet, you'd thought someone died. nope, just the guy who meant enough to people to make them want to cry. i was so upset last night that i was having a hard time taking orders. i had my manager, Jesse, take and hand out some orders. i couldn't do it for a minute. it made me even sadder to see James and Marino the way they were because usually they are both pretty upbeat and everything. and i'm empathetic, so it makes it that much worse. not only did i have to deal with my own sad feelings, but i was feelin' what the crew was feelin' and that made it almost too hard to deal with. we were nearly clear from a rush (maybe two people, tops, in line, waiting for food... not waiting to put in an order) when i told jesse i had to go out for a cigarette before i hit something. i just.... i almost couldn't take it, surrounded by all the sadness going... but by the end of the night, the guys were okay enough to start craking jokes and listen to music (sad music as well as not sad music). when i left, i got hugs from Marino and James. i think part of what it was was that Chris had quit and they were still feelin' down about it... but i always get a hug from Marino. last night, though, it was kinda different. the last hug he gave me ... he held me tight and almost plowed me over.... because he took two or three steps forward, which sent me walkin' backward.
it's still hard, though, when someone as sweet and awesome as Chris leaves. he was probably the most positive and kind hearted people i've ever worked with. even if he was having a bad day, you wouldn't've known it because he was always so positive. and that is going to be hard to work without. but i think we'll learn to live with it and learn from how he was... and maybe try to do the same.
ah, hell, i'm about to cry again, so, i guess i'm done with this post, guys...


  1. gravity hurts
    you made it so sweet
    til i woke up on
    on the concrete.
    i'm fallin' from cloud 9...
    ~Katy Perry
    ya know, sometimes it is hard to let go. but he's comin' back to visit now and again... and it's not the end of the world. but it will definately be different.

  2. Awe Charly, it ALWAYS sucks when someone you love working with leaves :(