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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

(... like a favorite song. ~ROB THOMAS)

okay, so... like hearing my favorite song on the radio or on my iPod, i like seeing this guy. however, i haven't seen him in over two weeks. right. well, i'm not going to worry because there isn't anything between us. is there? i don't think so... but, i mean, i see him at least once a week if i'm at kroger multiple times in one week. but i haven't in a couple weeks. i'd think one of two things... 1) he got fired or 2) he quit or 3) he doesn't like people? okay, i get that's three but still. i don't know if i should be worried or not. plus... i don't know. i look forward to seeing him when i go grocery shopping (or whatever it is i do when i just go in there and ending up buying one item that i don't neccessarily need...).
what's wrong with this? every guy that i like ends up being an asshole or an idiot or whatever. i don't know. but he doesn't (didn't?) even know i like him. so... what's the deal?
i don't want to dig too much into this in case it isn't anything. because it'll make me look like the idiot. and i don't want to be the idiot. make HIM look like the idiot for ... well, not being at work when i go to the store.
that sounds a bit ... well, not obsessive. just... weird.
but still. seeing him IS kind of like hearing/listening to my favorite song(s). because i feel more relaxed and more happy. even though there is nothing between us AT ALL. well, right now, because every time i've tried to go when there'd be a chance of him working, he hasn't been there. whatever. i just wish that he'd show up at work again. just so, you know, i can obsess about him and keep my cool when i see him. and maybe give him my number (no, let's not break into that corny song... okay, lets!). i know, i know.... i'mma dork. but it's okay. "hey, i just met you, and this is crazy. but here's my number, so call me maybe." i totally want to go up to him with a piece of paper in hand that has my number on it and break into that song (call me maybe ~Carly Rae Jepsen). it'd be totally hilarious.
beside the point. my point is that i want to see him. just to .... i don't know. i guess i just... i want to see him. for whatever reason. and i do hope something comes of this. because i do like him and he seems like a nice guy.
well, i'm going to go. i'm gonna stop talking about just this guy and do something productive with my life.


  1. Hi Charly, I will definitely write on your blog again... just getting through this nasty CPA course. I can hardly wait:)

    Have an awesome day;)

    1. YAY! I can't wait either! <3 thanks!!!

  2. Sorry but I can not write very well English, but I want to thank your visit to my blog. Thank you for referring to the music of Rob Thomas did not know but I found it very beautiful. Hugs from Brazil.

    1. you are very welcome, dani! <3