I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

(i think i've already lost you/i think you're already gone/i think i'm finally scared now/you think i'm weak/but i think you're wrong/i think you're already leaving/feels like your hand is on the door/i thought this place was an empire/but now i'm relaxed/i can't be sure. ~MATCHBOX TWENTY)

okay, so. what a long day. :/ i was up at seven this morning to get ready for work and i was still, like, ten minutes late. oh, well. i ended up staying almost twenty minutes late, so it's okay. i made up for it. BUT right before i left, this chick (who, mind you, hadn't been working at burger king anywhere near as long as i have and isn't a manager, by the way) bitched me out because i had taken an order and the customer didn't listen to me or the other person on the headset ask her questions about what sizes she wanted her drinks and onion rings. we had both asked multiple times. but the customer didn't listen. so, this girl bitched me out and told me i couldn't do my job right. and then she told me that i HAD to stock the drive thru with cups and lids and shit. like, hello.... first off, you aren't my manager, don't tell me what to do, because i KNOW what to do. and secondly, what the fuck is your problem when i tell you what happened and you dont' listen. grow the fuck up and be the supposed "adult" you call yourself, bitch. you do your job, and i'll do mine, thanks. i mean, really. i'm not below you, i'm not your little bitch, i'm not the person you bitch at when something goes wrong. grow the hell up and do your job and don't worry about me.
i'm dont ranting. it just proves that i do need a new job. UGH.
mom got a new car - a cooper with stick shift. kind of pretty, but i won't drive it because it's a stick. i'm used to the automatic, and i'll stick to that, thanks. (haha, i won't do stick but i'll stick to the... wow.) i kind of like it, though. but i'm more comfortable with my neon (which, by the way, after i pay off the $1850 to mom and dad, i'd've spent $2850 on. i don't want to sell that bitch, i've spent too much money on it to want to. but now, i can say it's worth more. haha.).
i'm tired. i'm done for the day. i want to go to bed. but i need to make sure my grandma eats dinner and takes her meds before i leave her house. that's why i came. to make sure she's okay and all.
well, hell... i'm all out of stuff to say. i'm gonna sign off and maybe have some dinner...


  1. I really think it is time for a new job for you Charly and when you find it, thank the little girl who thought she knew your job better:)

    Have an awesome night, add me to Facebook if you want to, my name is Launna Krivousov... if you want to, I would like that:) I understand if you don't want to. It's all good.

    1. As always, I can always count on your comments to make me smile, Launna! <3 And yes, I do realize I need a new job, I've realized this for awhile. I've actually started looking. And when I do find a better job, I'll go back and say thank you to this girl.
      And I just friended you on Facebook. :)