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Friday, 15 June 2012

(everyone here knows everyone here is thinkin' 'bout somebody else. ~MATCHBOX TWENTY)

okay, so i went to the ZOO this morning (first time in ... 6 years). it's been awhile and i had fun. i had a blast. :) it was worth it.
and then... that guy? the one from a few weeks ago? yeah. well, we were "friends" for all of, like, two days. and then last night one of his friends texts me and the text said (i'm paraphrasing...), "Bull (the buttface's last name, not the one texting me) told me your down to screw." so, basically, i got pissed at the one guy (Rob, the buttface...) and told him so. he has yet to text me back. i'm not surprised, he's at work, but he's gonna have to face my anger when he's off. but, in the meantime, i was talking to his friend and he 'splained that they were drunk last night (no excuse for it, though, dammit!). and he agrees with me (i guess, he might just be spewing words from his ass) that Rob is an idiot. psh. i'm just frusterated with crap. like, you say you're going to be a friend, and you pull something like this on me? like, you can't even be enough of a friend to leave me the hell alone? i mean, shit. this is below the belt. i mean, i have better expectations for my friends. and that's why i was hesitant to be friends with him to begin with. because it started on rocky footing to begin with. so, i mean. this kind of ruins it.
and then, today's the first time in weeks that i'm doing something for myself (the zoo and going to the movies later... maybe. if i can get over being mad at Rob and if he's still willing to go, even though i am mad at him) and dad just got really agitated, like, "you aren't going to spend time looking for a job?" like, dad, i did that last week. and this week, i've been doing stuff for my grandma because she went to the hospital monday morning. so, it wasn't like i was on vacation all week. i was making sure my grandma was okay, to see if she needed anything, all that good shit. so, i mean... today is my first time having a break! so, why the hell are you having a hissy fit when i plan something earlier this week for the first day i can plan stuff for? like, really? grow the hell up and let me do my shit. and let me have my goddamn time to be young, because in a few years, i won't have that chance anymore. i mean, shit, dad.
whatever. i'm just really tired and really frusterated, and just a tad dehydrated. *sucks down some water* that doesn't make for a good combination. if i do end up going to the movies, i might just fall asleep. i don't know. i'm just ... i just want the assholes to leave me the heck alone. because it's so, so irritating when they don't. my life is that much more stressful that way.
well, this post is full of irritation and pissed-off-ness. so, maybe i should sign off and post again another day as opposed to spaming the world wide web with my anger. because that doesn't solve anything. what does solve this is confronting the idiot and talking to him. maybe i won't be so angry (and i'm not, not so much any more... i'm not one to be angry for a long time. but if Rob does text me back, i'll make him sweat ... uh, he'll already be sweaty... from work... okay, i need to get my mind off his body and stop liking him... at all.). but yea... i'll make him think i'm still way pissed and then i'll be like "i'm not mad anymore... i'm just testing ya" kind of thing.
psh. i'm so mean.
have a good day, guys!


  1. Oh my gosh Charly, that is hilarious... can I beat him up for being mean to you... you know I will do it...lol

    Your dad needs to relax a little and let you have fun, I am with you... I never had that, I was a mama at 18, no fun for me... lol

  2. well, the knee slapper is he got pissed at me for being pissed at him. which ... kinda makes sense. but what DOESN'T, Launna, is how ... weird i feel. kinda like... i lost something. but, first, he wasn't mine to lose. and firstly... we were never close.... ever. not even when we were in the ... ya. and of COURSE you can beat him up for me!!!

    and whatever. dad's gone for a week, so it's all good. :)
    facebook me, Launna.

  3. Great story :-)
    Greetings from Poland!