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Monday, 22 September 2014

This physically hurts, but...

Green Bay lost yesterday to Detroit Lions, 19-7. Fairly pathetic. Like, really. Where were they? But let's be real... It wasn't as bad as the Thanksgiving lost to Detroit last season at 40-10. That was without Aaron Rodgers - he was out with a broken collarbone (thanks CHI Bears...). This game was WITH Aaron Rodgers, which almost makes it worse.
I called my mom after the game yesterday. I told her that it was a good game and congratulations on her team winning. She said, "That physically hurt you to say, didn't it?" I responded with, "Yeah. I think I died a little inside."
Seriously, it kind of hurt my soul a little bit. I'm a die hard Green Bay fan; Green and Gold 'til I'm Dead and Cold. I'm no fair-weathered fan, jumping on the bandwagon when they're doing well. But it's still hard to see your favorite team lose. Especially when the team that won is the team that a majority of people where live are fans of. And... when you talked crap about that team the whole week up until game time.
Let's be real, though. I did near about cry, though. At one point, right before half time, I think, I got so frustrated that I threw my copy of Dracula against my bed post, huffed, and walked out of the cabin to go eat. Probably not the best reaction to have had, but I mean...
I love my team. So that makes it hard. But there's always next week. Next week is week 4. So we'll be okay. We'll get there. Back into the playoffs again this season. Because that's what we do.
Okay, I'm going to go... Enough wallowing in self-pity...


  1. I am sorry your team lost Charly... there is always the next time :) Congratulations on calling your mom and being an adult about it :)

  2. Its just funny because we were talking smack all week last week. Its just whatever.