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Monday, 15 September 2014

(For tonight I'm famous. For tonight I'm king. And I will be remembered. For centuries, they'll say, "This man was a hero, a hero of the night. When he was at a party, the party never died." Hey, I'm a little drunk, but I got something to say. Hold your jugs! -The Wanted|We Own The Night)

Okay, so...
What a fantastical weekend! Saturday, I stayed in bed. Well, I got out of bed to do laundry and to eat. But aside from that, I decided to just stay in bed. And Saturday evening, I went out with a group of people to Olive Garden. It was a nice evening filled with laughter and fun.

Yesterday, I pretty much did the same thing. I didn't do anything but stay in bed, listening to music and reading. Again, I only got out of bed to go eat. Saturday night, on the way home from Olive Garden, I asked if anyone wanted to go to the bookstore with me. And a couple people did. So, it was some of the same crew who went out Saturday that went to the bookstore, plus two others. It was nice; especially since I got a much needed new journal and a good book. Ahem... the good book being Bram Stoker's Dracula.

So, I took a chance and stuffed Dracula (the book, not the person... *shudders*) into my backpack and brought it to work. I've been reading it on and off for the past two hours. Honestly, I'm enraptured by it. And I've gotten further into the book than the last time I tried reading it. I saw the movie in full last year and now I actually really want to read the book. I'm going to watch the movie again after I finish the book. Just to see how different or how similar it is to the book.

I love weird books like Dracula, though. It also doesn't really help that I like the supernatural and sci-fi stuff. I mean, let's be real. The House of Night series, Macbeth, Harry Potter. Yes, I'll admit I was a Twi-hard... I did have a few years of being in love with Jacob Black from Twilight... Ugh. Yeah, let's just NOT go there. That wasn't my finest moment. But as for my weird taste in supernatural goodness of vampires (or vampyres, depending on which author you ask) and ghosts and all that whatnot is fascinating. I thoroughly enjoy that kind of stuff.

Luke, my little brother (although, now, he's pretty much six foot tall and a beast), is turning 16 on Friday. Like, would he just PLEASE stop getting older? I'm feeling old and I'm only 6 1/2 years older than he is. Come on, Luke, just stop.

Anyways, today's going by kind of slow, honestly. I'm just ready for today and this week to be over. I go home in two weeks from this Saturday - two weeks already!!! - for a small break. And when I return to KC, we'll only have a month before going back to Denver, CO. At least, this way I can keep my head on straight for only a month. And when we get back to Denver, we'll only have a week and a half before going homeward-bound. Being in Denver, though, we don't really have to see each other after the work day. I'm going to be spending time with people I haven't seen and hanging out with them. And just doing typicaly young adult stuffs. So after travelling back to Denver from KC, that week and a half won't be anywhere near as stressful as it is while we're on our spikes. And I only have to hold out two weeks and five days until I go home.

Okay, soooo.... I honestly don't have much more to write. I've been writing here a lot lately. I feel like the less often I write, the more I have to say. Which is kind of the deal. Maybe I should only write once a week as opposed to three times a week? Leave some substance for my posts, eh?

Okay, well, I'm going to go back to reading Dracula at work for the next 45 minutes or so until lunch time. And then read it through lunch... And come back and read it through the rest of the work day. Because there really isn't anything for me to do at the moment.

Have a fantastical day, loves. XOX,

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  1. I started blogging about once a week... I felt it helped my substance too... besides I am so busy now I couldn't blog more than once a week anymore :)