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Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I found out today that there’s been a lot of negative stuff going on, through Pia, Sedarick, Cam, and Yuvi. Apparently, the week that Bill came back from personal emergency leave, he wrote Liz up for having an “attitude problem”, for being distant with the team, and for not doing work in her specialty role. Honestly, she doesn’t have an attitude problem. She’s not distant from any of us. And, to be real, as much as she doesn’t like being media rep, she still does some work. He put in the write-up that he gave Liz a verbal warning the Monday that he got back, when, in fact, he was dead silent in the van to and from work, we all went our own ways when we got to work and to the camp. She never said anything of the effect that he gave her a verbal warning; we would have known if he did, the team is close enough where we can talk about stuff like that with each other; we also trust each other enough where we wouldn’t say anything, anyways. People say that Bill just wants Liz gone, when there’s no reason to have her sent home for anything. He doesn’t have an excuse to send her home.

Let’s be real. If he wants to make a case that Liz isn’t doing her job as media rep, then he should have written me up for not doing my job as PT Coordinator in New York, he would have written Matt up for not being able to do his job in New York. But, as far as I know, he didn’t. He can’t really make a case out of it. I think it’s totally bull that he’s doing that.

Also, yesterday, he texted Jess and me, asking if we wanted to go to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee or anything. He didn’t text anyone else, just us. It kind of makes me suspicious, because he did something really nice by bringing us to Starbucks, even though he didn’t have to.

I mean, I know that I’m going to run into people like that all my life, at work and otherwise. But, later in life, I’ll be able to go home and relax, not having to worry about that person until the next day, or the next time I see said person. With Bill, it’s 24/7. It’s constant. There’s always something going on with him. It irks me that he puts on this front in front of the other team leaders and his boss. It’s fake, and we, as his team, know better. I think we’re all just frustrated with how he’s been acting and treating everyone on the team. I kind of have to agree. I don’t think it’s particularly fair to us, either. He knows that we’re a great team, a great set of people. We make him look good, even when he drops the ball and acts like crap.

And we’re kind of also irritated with Jess. We all know that Bill picked Jess to be the assistant team leader because he knew she wouldn’t really say anything to him or contradict him. But, as ATL, I think it’s her job to bring to his attention how the team feels, what we’re thinking, how he’s treating us. That he’s showing favoritism towards her. But she doesn’t bring any of that to his attention.

It doesn’t help any that in New York, we had 1-on-1s with Bill, he told us that he didn’t trust anyone but Jess. Yeah, of course, because Jess doesn’t tell you how it is, Jess doesn’t contradict and question everything, Jess trusts you just fine, Bill.

I just think that our whole team is frustrated with everything when it comes to Bill. I kind of have to agree, though. But we only have two more months left in the program. We’ll be in Denver in 50 days. At which point, we won’t really have anything to do with Bill anymore until graduation.

I'm sorry, I'm just super frustrated and unhappy with everything that's going on.

Talk to y'all later.

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  1. It is frustrating when you see favoritism... I have seen this in many jobs... I have learned to look the other way and just do my job, unfortunately there isn't a way to stand up without looking bad yourself... Everything always works out...