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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Life Musings. Games and Fun. Happy Thursday.

So, my brother's birthday is tomorrow. HOLY COW, HE'S SIXTEEN IN LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS!!!!! Why is it that it's okay for us to get older? I miss the bleach blonde, curly haired surfer kids from the Detroit 'burbs. But now he's a young man. I can't believe that he's getting so ... well, not old. He's just gotten older, and I don't know if I am okay with that fact. Can he just not?

I mean, yeah, it's life; we are born, we get older. We learn things, get life experience, all that good stuff. But just the fact that it seems to go by so damn fast. That's what is mind boggling. Like, just ten years ago, I was 12, he was 6... I was in middle school, I think he was in kindergarten... Now, ten years later, he's able to get his driver's license, he's taking the ACT in March, he's able to get a job. He'll be graduating in a year and a half... I don't know where the time went. Honestly... I don't know, I don't normally think about this kind of thing. But it's just that my brother's 16th birthday is just hours away that... it kind of is on my mind, I guess.

So, this Sunday. Green Bay against Detroit. Mom and I are just hashing it out. I keep telling her that GB is going to win and that Detroit isn't going to make it. I keep asking her why she doesn't like GB. I sent her pictures of Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, saying that she can't deny their faces. She comes back and tells me she can deny Matthews anything because she doesn't like him. And maybe he's the reason that she STILL doesn't like the Pack. Note how in the picture below it's GB offense in the foreground. And you can see Detroit defensemen through gaps... AHA!!!

I'm a die-hard Green Bay fan. I have been a fan for ten years and I will be Green and Gold 'til I'm Dead and Cold. I'm sorry, but seriously, GB is an amazing team. My heart forever belongs to the Pack. I'm so fond of that team. Just like how I am with the Detroit Red Wings (ain't that ironic?? I do not like DET Lions, but I'll go for Detroit's hockey team... I do not like green eggs and ham, Sam I Am..... sorry. a moment of sidetrackedness), with Arsenal, with Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, with the mens' French national soccer team... with any sports team, really.

Okay, well, I'm going to go; we're only in the office for three hours today and I had to try and kill one hour... we have two more left, so UGH.

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  1. Happy Birthday to you brother Charly ... life does go by fast... enjoy each day :)