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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Green and Gold 'til I'm Dead and Cold

So, I called my dad last night to tell him that now Mat Debuchy is out with an ankle injury. Arsenal is having such bad luck with their players lately. About a month ago, Olivier Giroud hurt his ankle and had to get surgery. He's out until January. Debuch damaged ligaments in his left ankle and is out for two months. NO! Just NO! I'm shattered and gutted. Two of my favorite players ever both injured.

Moving on.... my dad mention, while we were on the phone, that Green Bay Packers are playing the Detroit Lions. In Detroit. On Sunday. My dad knows that I'm a Pack fan, through and through. I've been so for the past 10 years. And will be all my life. Hence the title of this post. Anyways, my family are all Lions fans. It's going to be 3 - 3 1/2 hours of a no-fly zone. I'm not going to be calling home at all during the game. It's going to be a no-go zone, sorry. Even if I were at home, they'd be watching the game in the living room and I'd be in the basement watching the game. Or we'd all be in the same room, but I wouldn't be talking to them. Only because we are so divided on teams. We can be kind of competitive. It's the same thing with tennis. I love, love LOVE Novak Djokovic, mom and my sister, Helene, love Roger Federer. We all like Rafael Nadal. However, when it comes right down to it, I'd rather have Rafa over Fed and Djoko over both. Mom would have Fed over Djoko and wouldn't mind who won in a Rafa-Fed match.

When it comes right down to it, though, I'd have GB win, every time. My favorite team is Green Bay. My second favorite team every week is whomever plays the Chicago Bears. Although, this past weekend, the San Fransisco 49ers played the Bears. I despise the Niners just as much as I don't like the Bears. But I was pulling for the Niners over the Bears. But the Niners lost. Disappointing. But if GB play San Fran, game over. It's GB, for me. Even though every time we've played San Fran, we've lost.

Pia, a girl on my team, is a Niners fan. And we don't talk on Sundays for obvious reasons. She likes the team I despise and I like a team she doesn't. So, even though we're friends, we don't get along very well when it comes to football. If I had known who her football team was way back in February, I don't think she and I would be friends right now. Let's be real. I judge people based on who their football team is.

Like, we're in Kansas City right now. And it's all about the KC Chiefs. DUDE! I can't root for that team!!! I'm so hardwired to my team that other teams don't really do it for me. Slice open my wrists, my blood comes out green and gold. Look into my mind, it's all about the Packers. Aaron Rodgers is my favorite football player of all time. Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and ... you know where I'm going with this. Only the best and most attractive people are on the Packers. If only we had Colin Kaepernick from the Niners... Oh, WAIT! We already have an attractive and stellar quarterback... We got Aaron Rodgers. :)

Alright, enough of my raving and ranting and being an intense fan.
I'm gonna Go Back (aha, pun <---- Go Back... GB.... Green Bay.... oh never mind...) to just sitting around and reading at work... because that's my work for the day.
Xoxox, Charly


  1. I hope your team wins Charly... I'm passionate about my teams too ♡♡♡

    1. Thanks, Launna. :) I know GB is going to win; Detroit kind of isn't the best team.
      It's difficult being so passionate about my teams. Especially if they aren't the favorite of where I am.