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Monday, 23 January 2012

okay, last song, i promise. but i feel like i'm not blogging like i should, so i need to make up for it.
anyways, i went to a party two nights ago (thanks to my homie) and had oodles of fun. haha... well, i dont think that would be the right terminology for it, but hey. i don't care much. i had fun and that's all that matters. and, anyhow, we're planning to hang out this week. oh what fun. :D
as you can tell from two of the three videos today, the topic is freedom.... wait... Bob Segar's song is the freedom to choose what music he wants to listen to. so, in a way, all three are about freedom. anyways, random tangent. freedom. right. america is the country for freedom. but sometimes... ok, usually... it seems there is a price for it. gays don't have the same rights as heterosexuals. correct me if i am wrong. but they have to fight for that. and it doesn't seem right for them to have to fight for freedoms that they should have to begin with. the Constitution clearly stats that all men are created equal. that has come to include blacks, asians, europeans, native americans, hispanics, latinos, women.... should also cover gays and lesbains. "men" is the umbrella term for it and it should always be used that way.
but even now... women don't get paid the same as men in most salaried jobs/careers. i think that is total bogus that women have to work just as hard, if not harder, for less money. i mean, don't get me wrong. we've come a long way for equal rights and freedom for all. but i mean, it's so totally bogus that even when we say we treat everyone equally, paychecks aren't the same. fuck that. let's make equality actually equal. equal rights for EVERYONE, not people we choose to give it to. freedom for EVERYONE, not those who deserve it. freedom and equality are equal opportunity givers.
honestly, freedom shouldn't be given to that 2 percent who make millions, or billions, a year, making most of the U.S. income. we all should have freedom, even those who are under the poverty line. don't they deserve something, too? how about the families who have one salaried worker that the family is dependant on, and have others working waged jobs to help? they deserve so much. single parent families? come now.
freedom and equality for all.

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