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Sunday, 8 January 2012


okay.... not the actual video, but it's the link. youtube was being a little stupid today. anyhow, this is "Brighter than the Sun" by Colbie Caillat. a feel good song and i like it. :D
anyways, today is my last day on a day shift. i work closes next week (yes, today is the last day of the week. my week starts on monday, ends sunday. thanks, Burger King! how Majorly Stupid of you to 1. screw up my week and 2. for putting me on closes.). so, now, i have no life. great. that's just wonderful. can you tell that i hate my job? speaking of jobs... i was going to apply to Kmart.... yeah. i don't have time this morning to do that... i barely have time to write this post. let's see how much i can write in the next ten minutes or so, huh?
i worked late last night because the manager was too lazy to do all her dishes, so i ended up with an extra half hour. ha! and i'm going in an hour or so early today. so, that's even more money in my pocket. the one reason why i am happy for all the extra hours is because i get more money in my paycheck. but i mean hell! like why the hell do that to me, of all the people they have on the payroll? what the heck ever.
anyways... Green Bay isn't playing this weekend. they are playing a week from today. but i might not even see the game, because i might be in bed, considering my schedule. ... the game starts at 3.30, so if i'm lucky and they don't go into OT at all, i should be able to watch the game... or at least the second half, which is the more important part of the game, thank you.... GO GREEN BAY!!! i mean, hell, they are 15-1 in the regular season, and i'd like to see a repeat performance of last postseason. going all the way and winning it. it suxx for the other team to go all the way and lose it. if i were to fear that, i wouldn't want to go all the way. i'd want to lose. but i guess it would be an honor to be second best of 32 teams, if not first. i don't know, i'm not an athelete.
since tomorrow is my first close, i might just try and pull an all-nighter tonight so that i can get into the rhythm of being up all night and sleeping all day. this way, i can't complain tomorrow night about being tired by one a.m. i'll have that rhythm already going. cool....
okay, time to get ready for work...
until next time.
live life so you don't have any regrets because in life you don't get take-backs or do-overs. don't dwell on the past, plan the future, or obssess over every passing moment.

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