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Thursday, 19 January 2012

okay, i know i haven't written in awhile. i've been working nights and haven't been on a computer in awhile. i'll get this rant out of the way.
i cannot believe that grown men and women can't grow up and be mature enough to allow equal rights for those who aren't of the same sexual orientation as they are. these people are acting as though homosexuals are second class citizens. they aren't they are just like you and me. they work, they support themselves, they go to school, they are human beings. they have feelings. and yes, they should be able to love someone freely and justly just like you. i find it so very wrong that people are hateful or fearful of homosexuals. let me say this.... if you, as a heterosexual, walk up to a homosexual and say "i hate you because you are gay. you should die.", don't you think that is hurtful? have a homosexual come up to you and say "i hate you to your very core because you are straight. you should die." you would feel scared and hurt. exactly the same way a homosexual would feel. so, suck up your shit and move on. because everywhere you go, you just might meet someone who doesn't have the same orientation as you. and hey, guess what? you might not even know and like that person for a who they are. not who they like.
Equal Rights for All. have a nice day.

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