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Saturday, 25 August 2012

(We're all angels that fall from grace. So, you don't have to hide your face from me. It's the burden you won't lay down. It's the guilt that you carry around. You can see it coming, but somehow you can't seem to avoid it, avoid this. ~Garou)

today was okay, i guess. my cousin had her wedding shower this afternoon and it was pretty fun, i guess. although, five seconds after i walk into the house, i had my other cousin's baby in my arms. and she said that she wasn't surprised, that i was like my mom in that respect (that i'm the baby whisperer... lol. what can i say? something i got right from my grandparents, thanks). anyhow, it was quite an afternoon because it was an almost hour and a half drive to get to where we were going. i didn't get home until six.
however, i was also trying to go out with some people this evening, but i didn't. well. one person. and he was too much of an asshole to text me back. i don't care, i'm watching Zorro! well, it's called The Mask of Zorro, but still. i grew up watching that. i LOVE it.
i was really kind of irritated with my father today. this afternoon, he said that i couldn't go to the wedding shower that i was invited to unless my bedroom floor was clean. hello, first of all, i am twenty years old, and secondly, i was invited. and third of all, i am twenty years old. i totally did not need him to tell me what i had to do before i left for a wedding shower. i also had all day tomorrow to clean my room. and then, all evening, every time i would say something in English, he kept saying "what?" in French. like, dude, it's not like you don't understand English, you've only been in the States for eighteen years, and your wife is American and speaks English as well. ass.
i hate it when he's like that because it irks me. it pisses me off to no end. it makes me want to stick a pointy stick up his ass to make him understand how much of a pain in my ass he is, but he still won't get it. whatever, peole are asswipes and don't know how to treat people right.
i guess that i have nothing to write about.
however, dear readers, i hope you have luck with your six word memoirs, and that i can read a few soon. have a nice night.

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  1. It is so hard when our parents cannot see that we are actually adults who can make our own decisions. Still treating us like children... he will understand one day Charly:)