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Monday, 20 August 2012

(que l'amour est violent/mais violent par dedans/l'amour est violent/violent comme un volcan/violent par dedans. ~Garou)

^^that song is amazing. it's called Que L'Amour Est Violent. It's by Garou. i LOVE this song. my grandmother had Garou's CD "Seul" and i inherited it from her when we cleaned her house out over the weekend. i've been listening to a few songs, like this one and Au Plaisir de ton Corps and Je N'Attendais Que Vous. (Translations: Love is Violent, To the Pleasure of Your Heart, and I Only Have Been Waiting for You)
however... i'm pretty damn excited. i have a new job now, thank god. i'll be working at Busch's, and if you all don't know, it's a grocery store. i'll only be working at burger hell-hole king weekends and working during the week at Busch's. and i'm getting my car fixed, hopefully within the next week. hopefully, by the end of the week next week, i'll have my car. i'll be moving out within the next month, most likely. i'll be paying for the car to make it really mine, putting the insurance in my name and the phone in my name. i won't be able to quit the hell hole for a couple months, at least, so that i can do that, but i will be happier now, because i have another job and will be working LESS at burger king. thank god.
anyhow, my parents and i still aren't seeing eye to eye about how i'm living my life. i'm trying to live my life by being me. and my parents are all up in my shit, trying to make me "evolve" into someone they think is an independent person. well, in my eyes, their definition and mine are different. i have two jobs, i am paying a loan i took out to fix my car, i'm getting my car fixed again, i'm trying to do my own stuff, paying out my own bills. dude, and i'm not independent? okay. that's what i thought.
anyhow... now that i know that my days at burger king are numbered, i finally realized that there are going to be people that i'll miss. i won't miss the job, but i'll miss a few people. they are what made working at bk somewhat worthwhile. but... even though i'm going to miss them, i need to get out of there, and thank got it's sooner than later. i've waited too long to get a new job.
anyways, i think i'm going to go to Dairy Queen with my little brother. i told him i'd take him out as a treat. so, i think it's about time for me to get a move on and take him out.
have a nice night, guys!


  1. I just found your blog through "Jess is More" and I'm your newest follower! I definitely need to check out that song :)


  2. It's in French, however, it is a wonderful song. And thank you for following, it is such a pleasure.