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Thursday, 16 October 2014


SO... I'm sorry my post yesterday was depressing and whatnot. BUT I'm okay now. I'm better than I was yesterday.
I'm excited to say that Green Bay won last Sunday in a comeback win against the Miami Dolphins. And what a beautiful drive the final drive was.
Check it out:

I think I cried tears of joy when I heard this happen on the radio. And again when I watched it several times on my phone and laptop. It's such a beautiful drive. Final two minutes turned everything around. And it's beautiful. Aaron Rodgers is nominated for the Never Say Never moment of the week. If he hasn't won it already. Just because of that play.
Green Bay plays the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. We're going to beat them. Because the Pack are on a run and they have momentum. Plus, it's a home game, so they got the home field advantage. And the 12th man in Green Bay is AMAZING! Only the best fans in the NFL. Because we're just that good.
The Packers are now at 4-2. What a roll. Let's keep the momentum going and keep winning games. Because it's shaping up to be a beautiful season. 

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