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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

#DetroitBasketball open season.... starts tomorrow

Right. So... How are the Detroit Red Wings already 8 games into their season? More importantly, how did I not know? And the Pistons open their regular season tomorrow. Even more importantly... WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN?! I'm usually up to date on things like this!

... Wait. I've focused my sports dedication too much on the Green Bay Packers. (Note: The only non-Detroit team I like is my American football team.)

But... But... I just. I'm so disorganized. Mom said that my "Sports IQ" is slipping. No, I refuse to believe that. My dedication is too focused on one team. It's okay... okay. Because now I have apps for all my teams to keep up with my scores. We're all good now. Because I panicked. It's okay. And now that the Packers are headed into their by week this weekend, I actually have time to focus more on basketball and hockey. Okay. I can relax.

Oh, no! The Red Wings play at 7.30 tomorrow night and the Pistons play at 8. That's okay; I won't be watching, just checking scores every now and again.

Mom says I have been "poisoned by the Packer plague" and she hopes it "hasn't been too late to save" me "from being all consumed." I'm like... the Packers are the only non-Detroit team that I like (aside from my soccer teams). And it IS mom's fault that I'm a Packers fan to begin with. So, I don't know why she's complaining.

But I still can't get over the fact that I DIDN'T know when the Pistons' season opener was and that the Red Wings started their season and I didn't know. Like, usually I'm so good with this. Usually. Generally. Yeah. I keep tabs on the teams I like that play the sports I like. BUT... It's been stressful the past few months, so it's okay that I've finally slipped a little bit. It's okay. Things happen.

As much as I think I bleed Green and Gold for the Packers, there's still a part of my heart still for the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons. Always and forever. Because the Red Wings was something I shared wtih my grandfather. And the Detroit Pistons because the starting line-up for them when I was growing up got me hooked, and fast.

Okay, well, I have to go get stuff done for American. *cough* Get off Blogger and make it look like I'm working.

Have a good day everyone.

PS, Packers lost on Sunday, 44-23, to the Saints... NOT OKAY with it.... I'm officially not talking to anyone who talks to me about American football... the loss still hurts and it's two days after the fact.


  1. Your are lucky Charly I am not a football fan ... I am sorry your team lost.. I can understand the feelings.. I used to be an avid fan of baseball and basketball... I would be pretty upset when my team didn't win... so I understand :) There is next year ;)

    1. We're only halfway through the season; we still have a chance to come back and win against other teams. :) Tonight's the Pistons' opening night, I'm stoked. And the Wings play tonight, too.
      Okay, wow, I need to tone down my sports addiction, lol.