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Thursday, 2 October 2014

GO PACK GO! #PackersNation

It's gameday in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That's right, there's a Thursday night football game for the Packers. Against the Minnesota Vikings. Joy. But, like last week, we're going to win this. Because we're just that good. And Aaron Rodgers, Julius Peppers, Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews, and Sam Shields are on their game.

I was watching a bit of a news tidbit on CBS this morning at work, while I was preparing my breakfast. They were talking about how Packers fans were obsessive. I wouldn't say we're obsessive. We're just insanely loyal and passionate fans. That's all there is to it. No obsession. It's our loyalty and passion for our team that we're behind them, win or lose, that those of us who live in Green Bay will go see the Packers home games, in sunshine, snow, rain... We're the best fanbase in the NFL. You really can't get better than that. We're Packers Nation - the most loyal and passionate fans in the NFL.

So, I made a bet with a friend of mine on Sunday, when the Packers were playing da Bears (I really don't like the Chicago Bears...). Our bet was that if the Bears lost, he'd have to send me an Aaron Rodgers jersey. If the Bears won, I'd have to send him a Bears teeshirt and socks. Well, I'm getting my jersey. Yup, the Packers totally blow the Bears out of the water, 38-17. The Bears did have a decent first half, but the first half ended on a foul note with the ball just short of a touchdown WITH a 15 yard penalty. And it just went downhill from there. The Packers held the Bears scoreless in the second half. The Packers scored on all their drives but their last one. It just goes to show that the Packers are still an amazing team.

Alright, alright. Let's settle down now. The Packers aren't the only thing to talk about...

I'm going home this weekend for a few days. It's a much needed break from all the stupid, messed up drama on the team, coming mostly from our oh-so-glorious (note, I'm rolling my eyes right now) team leader. He just loves causing sh!t, giving us corps members pretty much hell, writing us up and giving us verbal warnings for the stupidest of reasons. Somewhere in his mind, he thinks he's doing something right. But, looking at how the other team leaders act, he's really not doing much of anything right. The way I'm seeing it is he thinks he's doing his job because we're making him look good; we've got our shit together and doing our work above and beyond so that he looks good. When, in reality, he just dumps his shit and drama and his strong dislike for us onto us. Oh, and he tries to make other people's business his own and the other team leaders' business. Dude, what is my business is MY OWN business. Not everyone needs to know what I've done wrong or whatever.

But that's beside the point - the point is that I'll be home for five days, getting my head back on straight, relaxing, enjoying time with the family. It's going to be a nice break. Especially since I really need it. I have been looking forward to this mini-vacation for the past month; I'm so happy that it's right around the corner. I just have to hold out one more day. I'm getting dropped off at the airport early; my team leader is bringing other people to the airport tomorrow evening. I decided to go then, instead of having him go needlessly Saturday morning to take me. I'll just spend the night at the airport, relaxing, watching movies on Netflix, reading a book, listening to music, hanging out.

Well, I'm going to go... A lot of sitting here, doing nothing, until my meeting at 11 this morning... you know, in an hour. Oh, joy.

Have a good day, and a wonderful weekend, y'all.

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  1. Enjoy your time off Charly... I have mini holiday coming up in the next couple of weeks, I am looking forward to it ;)