I hope what I write about life touches you in some way. I hope that what I go through helps you live life a little bit easier. I hope the words written here helps change something for the better. Read on, dear friends. Read on, and help me like I hope I help you.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Traverse City (last weekend of September

With fall closing in on us, fast and furious, the family went to Traverse City, Michigan over the past weekend. We were right on a lake (not Michigan, one a little more inland, but still breath taking...), and the view was unbelievable... The sunset over the lake was breathtaking.

There was a pontoon boat, and I managed to take my phone with me on the boat. The lake was nearly perfect, almost glass-smooth. It was a picture perfect reflection of the sky.

We had an amazing view from the house.... Who knew that a house could have such a killer view of the lake? I sure as hell didn't. Not once. But this picture (and the live view) sure as hell changed my mind.

This is Grand Traverse Bay, car view. Pretty cool. I've been to Traverse City plenty of times, but I still love seeing the bays!


  1. Hey Charly... I am getting close to coming back. I am so looking forward to just talking to everyone. I really hope everything is going well with you, have you moved out yet? Or are you waiting until after the new year?

    1. I haven't moved out yet, no. I figure that if I wait for a little but, I'll have more money to be able to do so.