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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

(I'm waking up/I feel it in my bones/Enough to make my systems blow/Welcome to the New Age/To the New Age[...]Oooh-oh/Oooh-oh/I'm radioactive... -Imagine Dragons)

YUP YUP!!! BIG NEWS!!! As I sit here, freezing my ass off, waiting to be tired... I decided to write. About news that I got. I know you're all holding your breath. Okay, maybe not. But I know I'm excited.
Okay, so not much of a buildup, I know. But... *drum roll*... I got into the AmeriCorps!!!! It's kind of like the PeaceCorps, but on a national level. And it's a non-military thing. BUT I GOT IN! I've been waiting for two or three months to hear about whether I got accepted or not. And they've been sending me emails like mad about checking my app online. Which I finally did today. YEAH BUDDY!!!!! I'll be living out of state for ten months, doing disaster relief efforts and all that good stuff, helping people out. But that's what I do - I help people. And I'm excited.
I'm so weird. But that's okay. Because I don't care what people think.
My mom and dad are happy of me. For once.
So, anyways. I'm spending the next few days at mum and dad's house. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and there's a party on Saturday. So, I'll be here until Sunday at least. And I need to look for a job on Friday and Saturday, something chronic. So that I can save money to leave. YAY! I'm so damn excited.
Anyways. I made eight dozen cookies for tomorrow. There's my contribution. On top of cleaning up. I have to finish cleaning tomorrow morning, but it's mostly leg work. Stuff that I don't mind doing. I did most of the hard stuff tonight, I just have to through the table cloth in the wash in the morning, finish the dishes that need hand-washed, and scrub down the counters and sink. And sweep the front bathroom and clean my mum's bathroom.
Like I said, easy enough, but completely time consuming....
I'm starting to fall asleep... Barely... And Skyping my girlfriend. And in desperate need of a cigarette. I think I'm going to sign off here soon and smoke and cover the cookies and go to bed.
So, anyways, a few days ago, a friend of mine on facebook posted this note that got me off my rocker. He posted a note about homosexuality and how it's a sin and all that. I'm like, REALLY? I'm attracted to men and women. I don't say that a man being attracted to just women is wrong or a woman just attracted to men wrong. So why do people think that homosexuality and bisexuality are wrong or go against nature? It's not a CHOICE, it's SCIENCE! It's the way that one's brain is wired. I can't change it. Whatever, I'm just going to shut up about it. It's going to make me even more pissed off than I was to begin with.
So, I guess I'm gonna sign off here.
Y'all have a good night. All of my US friends, have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Be smart.
And to the rest of ya.. have a great rest of the week and great weekend (if I don't post by then).
Stay classy, imaginative and amazing.

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  1. Congratulations Charly, that is awesome... I am so happy for you.

    Happy Thanksgiving girl, I hope it is an amazing holidays :)