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Sunday, 18 May 2014

work. stress. fun. life.

So, here are some pictures from the past week. Mom and my sister came down to Texas to visit before I leave. We did the touristy thing in Dallas then hung out and had a girls day on Tuesday. We took a tour of Cowboy Stadium and went antiqueing...That's where I got that cool bracelet. I also got a few bandanas. I'm getting into the habit of wearing one on my wrist in our down time.
For me, it's a reminder that I don't ever want to be in that place where self-harm is an option. I have been in that position before where I have wanted to do that. Now, the bandana on my wrist is a reminder that I am a stronger person. And hopefully a means to raise awareness.
But beside the point. It was nice to see my mom and sister this past week and spend some time with them. I am probably going home for our first vacation as well. So, I am pretty stoked about that.
Our first round ends on Wednesday. I honestly don't know how to feel about that. Happy, I guess, because I've done some good with our time here. We've helped people who needed it. Also, I am happy to go back to Denver for a week to get my head on straight before going home for a week. It's going to be a nice balance.
I also feel a litte ... sad. I don't really want this round to end. It was awesome. I really enjoyed our time here and I did like the fact that we were doing good for people who needed help.
I don't know, I guess I'm just a little wired. From everything that's been going on as of late. I still have to pack, I still have some work to do that needs done within the next few hours, I need to clean. And I only have so much time to do it. I have too many feelings about the past two months.
It's been kind of rough, kind of good, kind of stressful, kind of bad. Just a lot.
I honestly don't know what to think anymore. I mean. Good things and bad, I think everything turned out okay. I know I turned out a little better because of it. I hope my team has as well.
All in all, though. In all seriousness... I think this has been good.
Anyways. I've got some work to do. Hopefully I can really write some next weekend. :)
Y'all stay cool and awesome, alright?

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  1. Charly, I am glad to see you have posted... when it is time to change things, we often look back and have mixed feeling of the past... it is normal :

    We should chat on Facebook soon.. have a really great day xox